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Here is a sample collection of projects that I have designed and created. My main focus is always to accentuate the natural beauty of the wood while bringing to life landscapes that surround me.


Scott Alleyn

Owner/ Operator 

SAW Live Edge

Saw Live Edge 2023-139
Saw Live Edge 2023-136
Saw Live Edge 2023-137
Saw Live Edge 2023-124
Saw Live Edge 2023-128
Saw Live Edge 2023-131
Saw Live Edge 2023-134
Saw Live Edge 2023-117
Saw Live Edge 2023-116
Saw Live Edge 2023-111
Saw Live Edge 2023-120
Saw Live Edge 2023-119
Saw Live Edge 2023-113
Saw Live Edge 2023-110
Saw Live Edge 2023-103
Saw Live Edge 2023-109
Saw Live Edge 2023-106
Saw Live Edge 2023-104
Saw Live Edge 2023-107
Saw Live Edge 2023-095
Saw Live Edge 2023-065
Saw Live Edge 2023-102
Saw Live Edge 2023-
Saw Live Edge 2023-067
Saw Live Edge 2023-050
Saw Live Edge 2023-044
Saw Live Edge 2023-043
Saw Live Edge 2023-040
Saw Live Edge 2023-014
Saw Live Edge 2023-016
Saw Live Edge 2023--6
Saw Live Edge 2023--5
Saw Live Edge 2023--2
Saw Live Edge 2023--3
Saw Live Edge 2023--4
Black Walnut Floating Shelf
Saw Live Etsy-11
Saw Live Etsy-10
Saw Live Etsy-9
Saw Live Etsy-12
Saw Live Etsy-7
Saw Live Etsy-13
Saw Live Etsy-14
Saw Live Etsy-15
Saw Live Etsy-21
Saw Live Etsy-16
Saw Live Etsy-20
Saw Live Etsy-19
Saw Live Etsy-18
Saw Live Etsy-17
Saw Live Etsy-22
Saw Live Etsy-29
Saw Live Etsy-48
Saw Live Etsy-47
Saw Live Etsy
Saw Live Etsy-46
Saw Live Etsy-43
Saw Live Etsy-42
Saw Live Etsy-45
Saw Live Etsy-44
Saw Live Etsy-41
Saw Live Etsy-40
Saw Live Etsy-39
Saw Live Etsy-38
Saw Live Etsy-37
Saw Live Etsy-36
Saw Live Etsy-35
Saw Live Etsy-34
Saw Live Etsy-32
Saw Live Etsy-33
Saw Live Etsy-26
Saw Live Etsy-28
Saw Live Etsy-25
Saw Live Etsy-27
Saw Live Etsy-24
Saw Live Etsy-23
Saw Live Etsy-53
Saw Live Etsy-31
Saw Live Etsy-50
Saw Live Etsy-57
Saw Live Etsy-30
Saw Live Etsy-4
Saw Live Etsy-3
Saw Live Etsy-2
Saw Live Etsy-5
Sawlive | March 2020-4
Sawlive | March 2020-1
Sawlive | March 2020-3
Sawlive | March 2020-2
Sawlive | March 2020-18
Sawlive | March 2020-17
Sawlive | March 2020-19
Sawlive | March 2020-20
Sawlive | March 2020-21
Sawlive | March 2020-16
Sawlive | March 2020-15
Sawlive | March 2020-14
Sawlive | March 2020-13
Sawlive | March 2020-12
Sawlive | March 2020-9
Sawlive | March 2020-10
Sawlive | March 2020-11
Sawlive | March 2020-8
Sawlive | March 2020-5
Sawlive | March 2020-7
Sawlive | March 2020-6
Saw Live Etsy-54
Saw Live Etsy-53
Saw Live Etsy-51
Saw Live Etsy-52
Saw Live Etsy-50
River Coffee Table.jpg
River Coffee Table 5.jpg
River Coffee Table 1.jpg
River Coffee Table 4.jpg
River Coffee Table 3.jpg
River Coffee Table Doggy.jpg
River Coffee Table 6.jpg
River Coffee Table 8.jpg
River Coffee Table 7.jpg
River Coffee Table 10.jpg
River Coffee Table 9.jpg
River Coffee Table 13.jpg
River Coffee Table 11.jpg
River Coffee Table 12.jpg
River Coffee Table 14.jpg
River Dining Table 2.jpeg
River Dining Table 1.jpeg
River Dining Table 4.jpg
River Dining Table 8.jpg
River Dining Table 6.jpg
River Dining Table 9.jpg
River Dining Table 11.jpg
River Dining Table 10.jpg
River Dining Table 12.jpg
River Dining Table Legs.jpg
River Dining Table Top.jpg
River Dining Table 13.jpg
River Dining Table 14.jpg
Maple Floating Shelves 4.JPG
Walnut Resin Waterfall 2.jpg
Walnut Resin Waterfall 3.jpg
Walnut Resin Waterfall.jpg
River Wall Art.jpg
Wall Art.JPG
River Art Blue 2.jpg
Cedar Resin Dining Table 9.jpg
Cedar Resin Dining Table.jpg
Cedar Resin Dining Table 1.jpg
BW Resin Table 4.jpg
BW Resin Table 10.jpg
BW Resin Table 3.jpg
BW Cutting Board 1.jpg
BW Bench 2.jpg
BW Bench 4.jpg
BW Bench 3.jpg
Big Leaf Maple River Dining Table 8.jpg
BW Bench 1.jpg
Big Leaf Maple River Dining Table.jpg
Big Leaf Maple River Dining Table 2.jpg
BW Cutting Board 1.jpg
Maple Resin Table 12.jpg
Maple Resin Table 8.jpg
Maple Resin Table.jpg
Maple Resin Table 13.jpg
Maple Resin Table 3.jpg
Maple Resin Table 6.jpg
Maple Resin Table 2.jpg
Maple Resin Table 7.jpg
Maple Resin Table 5.jpg
BW Resin Table 2.jpg
BW Resin Table 8.jpg
BW Resin Table 3.jpg
BW Resin Table 4.jpg
BW Resin Table 9.jpg
BW Resin Table 10.jpg
Cedar Resin Dining Table 10.jpg
Cedar Resin Dining Table 8.jpg
Cedar Resin Dining Table 7.jpg
Cedar Resin Dining Table 9.jpg
Cedar Resin Dining Table 4.jpg
Cedar Resin Dining Table 6.jpg
Cedar Resin Dining Table 5.jpg
Cedar Resin Dining Table 3.jpg
Cedar Resin Dining Table.jpg
Divide Table 19.jpg
Divide Table 18.jpg
Divide Table 15.jpg
Divide Table 14.jpg
Divide Table 12.jpg
Divide Table 11.jpg
Divide Table 10.jpg
Divide Table 9.jpg
Divide Table 7.jpg
Divide Table 6.jpg
Divide Table 4.jpg
Divide Table 2.jpg
Divide Table 3.jpg
Divide Table 5.jpg
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